bohyun yoon, fragmentation (2003)

keiko narahashi, sleep to forget (2020)

film poster for pink narcissus (1971, dir. james bidgood)

zarina, home is a foreign place (1999)

still from gabbeh (1996, dir. mohsen kalari)

isamu noguchi, wool jersey for ruth page’s dance expanding universe (1932)

yuki ogura, women bathing I (1938)

still from ascenseur pour l'échafaud (1958, dir. louis malle) 

waseem ahmed, untitled (2019)

ferdinand hodler, night (1890)

laura owens, untitled (2000)

egon schiele, standing male figure (self-portrait) (1914)

eadweard muybridge, woman turning around in surprise and running away

from the GIRLS series by luo yang (2008-2016)

félix vallotton, the bath. summer evening (1892/1893)

album cover for miles davis’ in a silent way (1969, columbia records)

vilhelm hammershøi, interior with a young woman from behind (1904)

stephen shore, yucatán, mexico, 1990 (1990)

kwame brathwaite, untitled (garvey day parade - harlem) (1967)

alberto giacometti, walking man I (1960)  

still from la battaglia di algeri (1966, dir. gillo pontecorvo)

    the sun shone through them, revealing a pattern of interlacing, delicate blue veins, visible through the opaque petals; this added something alive to the flower’s fragility, to its ethereal quality, something almost human, in the way that human can mean frailty and endurance both at the same time. (exercpt from irène némirovkey’s suite française, 2004)

jake michaels for the new york times (2018)

jean paul gaultier ss 1993

    but the core of blue persists, and so it is by night. then the stars hang like lamps from the immense vault. the distance between the earth and them is as nothing to the distance behind them; and that further distance, though beyond colour, last freed itself from blue. (excerpt from e. m. forster’s a passage to india, 1924)

isaac mizrahi fw 1994 

stills from marina abromović and ULAY, relation in space (58 min, 1976)